1.  How close are we to downtown San Francisco? 

  • 12 minutes.

2.  What is the maximum capacity? 

  • 150 people.

3.   Is the house ADA accessible?

  • The downstairs area is, the upstairs is not.

4.  What amenities are available?  

  • Extensive parking.
  • Wi-fi Internet access.
  • An AGA vintage cooker.
  • Rooms for storage.

5.   Must a representative be present at the time of the event?

  • Yes.

6.   How early can set up begin?  

  • Any time needed.

7.   How flexible are we for events to set up and shut down?

  • Completely flexible.

8.   Can the artwork be removed from the walls?

  • Yes.

9. Is there any control over which artists’ work is being displayed?

  • Only the art currently in the home may be exhibited.  You may not bring in your own artwork.

10. What are the capacities for placing rental event materials (e.g. catering truck, cooking, decorations, signs)?  

  • There is a long driveway which goes up a hill and a large area where rental trucks or equipment may be placed. Additionally there is a large basement and rooms that may be used for storage.

11. What are we comfortable with in terms of catering?  

  • All forms of cooking are acceptable except for cooking with a Wok, which can damage the architecture.

12. Because this is a historical venue, what precautions must be taken?  

  • Spiked heels (approx. 3/8") are not permitted, because they pockmark the wood floors. High heels are permissible.

13. Is event insurance necessary for an event?

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